Rent Ready understands that it takes more than the run-of-the-mill property management services to stand out from the competition. That is why our team brings a unique focus to the work we do, a focus that prioritizes the needs of all of our customers – both owners and tenants. We strive to ensure that everyone is satisfied with their experience. When we meet the needs of all parties, our clients’ investments are protected and allowed to grow, our tenants have a warm and welcoming home, and our company is established as an industry leader.

Based in Yakima, our company serves customers from Yakima to the Tri-Cities and Ellensburg. If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer, please contact our helpful staff today. Let us put our focus and ingenuity to work for you!


DJ Henn, Chief Operating Officer, Managing Member

DJ joined Rent Ready as a managing member on September 25, 2015.  With over 5 years of property management experience and 10 years of construction management, DJ saw a need for a higher level of property management services.  DJ met Josh Salazar, founding member of Rent Ready Property Management, and they joined forces in the desire to create a well respected property management firm.

DJ graduated from Gonzaga University, where he earned a MBA in business administration, BBA in business management, and a BA in Psychology.  After graduating, he served ten years as a social worker for Child Protective Services where he developed a unique set of people skills that has proven effective in property management.  DJ moved on to Superior Asphalt/Granite Northwest, a major construction company based out of Yakima.  He learned about construction management, project scheduling, estimating, bidding, and job costing, which have also proven effective in property management.  

DJ’s primary responsibilities for Rent Ready are accounting (company and trust accounts), financing, tax accounting, risk management (contracts, legal issues, and mediation), human resources, payroll, information technology, and property management.

DJ currently serves as President of the Dispute Resolution Center of Yakima and Kittitas Counties, a Yakima area non-profit providing mediation services and conflict management training.  He has been a member of the Yakima Valley Landlords Association since 2016.  DJ also owns Acrucis Business Consulting, LLC, where he provides consulting and training to small business owners throughout Washington state.




Joshua Salazar, Chief Executive Officer, Founder 

Joshua Salazar has been a licensed real estate broker and has been managing rental properties for over 10 years.  He studied real estate through the Rockwell Institute and began his career working for ReMax Traditions in Yakima.  Joshua continued to grow his experience base by managing luxury town homes for Summerfield Commercial, and then continued on to Cadence Real Estate in Seattle. 

As a property & construction manager at Cadence, Joshua managed 18 apartment buildings with a combined 700 units and oversaw the rehab projects of each building.  His mentors at Cadence trained him through “hands on experience” in property syndication, value-add management, and positive cash flow improvements.

Joshua has always seen a need for a higher level of property management.  He founded Rent Ready Property Management LLC to meet that need.  Joshua’s responsibilities for Rent Ready are primarily property management, sales, listing services, tenant screening, marketing, website development.  

 Joshua has a broad array of contacts throughout Washington state, including realtors, contractors, and investors. 




Jess Salazar, Managing Broker

Jess Salazar  has been in the real estate industry for over 31 years. He has written numerous real estate articles and has flipped 18 homes in the past 25 years.  Jess developed the real estate tutorial app RELynks and is also the owner/designated broker of Benchmark Realty. 

Jess Salazar begin his training career when he founded the American Alliance of Business Owners which he subsequently sold to a larger company based in Denver, Colorado. It was after this that Jess obtained his real estate license and immediately upon completing his two year requirement obtained his brokers license and started Benchmark Realty, LLC.

In 1994 Jess obtained a seven year contract with the Port of Seattle to develop and administer a Transaction Assistance Program which was the precursor for the 3rd runway eminent domain buyout. During this seven year period Jess’ still remained active as the broker for Benchmark.

While administering the program for the Port of Seattle Jess wore two hats as he also facilitated the National Management Association’s Supervisory and Management Skills Program through the Port’s Training Department for all the Port’s supervisors. While working for the Port of Seattle Jess received his Trainer Specialist Certificate from the University of Washington

At the completion of the seven-year contract Jess was offered the opportunity to work an extra 3 years as an Aeronautical Training Specialist for the SeaTac International Airport Training Department. It was during this time that Jess along with another trainer developed the Security Identification touch screen computer course for the airport which subsequently, post 9/11, became the standard for all of the airports in the nation and for which Jess and the other trainer received national recognition. Jess trained over 200 National Guard troops and numerous FBI operatives on how to blend into the airport operations without being conspicuous. 

In October 2010, then Governor Christine Gregoire appointed Jess as a member of the Washington State Real Estate Commission.  His term expired in August, 2016 .  In August 2017, the new governor, Inslee, reappointed Jess for an additional six-year term on the Commissioner Board.  Jess is head of the education sub-committee as well as serving as the Commission vice-chair.