A different way of looking at property management…

Rent Ready Property Management is unlike any other service provider in our field.  We understand that both of our clients, property owners and tenants, are each at different points in their lives; having different needs, different goals, and different paths to reach those goals.  With this in mind, we strive to offer the best services to both clients individually.  

For property owners, our innovative management fee structure allows you to choose the level of service that meets their expectations, budget, and investment goals. Next, we utilize our unique experiences, education, resources, and strategies to help you achieve your investment goals. Our team has the experience and diversification to handle any situation.   


As everyone knows, good tenants are hard to find.  Bad tenants will cost you time and money. A good, long term tenant will save you time and take care of your investment. A good short term tenant can also be a positive cash flow opportunity.  Without compromising on the HUD Fair Housing requirements, we work hard to find the best tenants, and then to keep them.  By offering our tenants incentives for great referrals, prepayments of rent, discounts on transferring between units, and much more, we create an atmosphere where tenants want to rent from us.